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School Administration

Dear Lairon Community,

            I am excited to introduce myself as a dedicated member of this exceptional community. With an extensive 23-year career in the field of education, I bring a unique set of experience and passion to the mission of nurturing and guiding our students towards a brighter future.
            Having been born and raised right here in our community, I possess a profound connection to its values and traditions. This connection serves as the cornerstone of my commitment to ensuring that our school remains a place where our children can flourish and thrive.
            In addition to my educational background, I am also a devoted father of three. This personal experience has given me an understanding of the importance of a vigorous educational foundation. I see every student as unique individual with limitless potential, and it is our collective responsibility to provide them with the support, guidance, and resources they need to reach their full potential.
            What truly defines a strong school community is the solid commitment to several fundamental principles:

1. **Inclusivity**: A robust school community is one where every student, parent, and staff member feels welcomed, valued, and respected. We embrace our school’s diversity and foster an environment where differing perspectives are celebrated, and all individuals are encouraged to learn and grow.

2. **Collaboration**: Effective communication and cooperation between teachers, parents, and students form the bedrock of our community. We will unite as a cohesive team to ensure the success of our students, sharing insights, knowledge, and experiences to achieve our common goals.

3. **Support and Encouragement**: A strong school community rallies around its students, providing the essential support and encouragement they need to unlock their full potential. We recognize and celebrate each child's unique abilities and strive to create an atmosphere that nurtures growth and development.

4. **Safety and Well-being**: The safety and well-being of our students are our utmost priorities. We are dedicated to maintaining a secure and nurturing environment in which students can concentrate on their studies without any concerns.

5. **Academic Excellence**: A commitment to academic excellence is a central tenet of our community. We challenge our students to aim high and provide them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their educational aspirations.

6. **Community Engagement**: Active participation and engagement of our community are pivotal to the success of our school. We invite and encourage you to join us in school events, committees, and activities, as your involvement is a cornerstone of our school's vibrancy.

            I eagerly anticipate collaborating with all of you to ensure that our students receive the best possible education and support they deserve. Together, we can achieve remarkable success for our school and our community, creating a brighter future for all.


Joseph Hanna