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The Lairon Bulldogs Visits Levi's Stadium

Students from Lairon got the great opportunity to visit Levi's Stadium for a field trip! The 4th-8th grade students were first pumped up for the visit by enthusiastic guides/teachers or "coaches" before heading into the  tech-filled stadium. Students got a taste of what it was like to be a professional football player when they were allowed to visit a professional locker room where they got an opportunity to try on various football equipment like shoulder pads, helmets, gloves, and jerseys. Students were led through an informative discussion about how football equipment evolved through the years and the science that goes into making the gear now. Students were also given the chance to visit the 49ers Museum to see all the history and achievements the team made through the years. In addition, students were able to step onto a part of the gridiron or field and participate in various football drills and competitions. 

The highlight of the field trip was being able to go into one of the various STEAM classrooms that are built into the stadium. These technology-filled classrooms, students engaged in an engineering challenge that revolved around football. Students had to use 21st Century Learning Skills (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking) to successfully achieve their goal and complete the challenge.